Peer-to-Peer Intercity Transportation and Package Delivery

Trafull is a platform that matches travellers with traveling car owners and connects package-senders with a network of verified travellers at an affordable rate.

How Trafull works for Passengers


Select Current Location, Travel Date and/or Return date


Browse available rides,


Peruse their preferred routes and select intended Pick-up and Drop-Off Points


Compare prices and their Miscellaneous Comfort Offering


Book seats based on their preferences.


If no ride is found, post travel plan.


Next-Generation Intercity transportation and Package Delivery At Your Service

Post your travel plan today and book a private car on your route, just the way you book for a flight, just cheaper.

Reliable Transportation Service

Trafull provides a reliable and punctual transportation service, ensuring that passengers and package senders can count on scheduled departures and deliveries.

Competitive Pricing Options

Competitive pricing options, making it an attractive choice for cost conscious customers and providing a basis for comparison between different rides for customers

Fast Booking Time

Booking of seat in a driver’s car by travellers can be done online, for days before the travel date. While drivers can post their travel plans for days before the D-day

Advanced Movement Tracking

Advanced movement tracking to manage travellers & packages, optimize routes, utilize vehicles, and delivery processes, reducing costs and ensuring efficient transportation services, transparency and peace of mind throughout the journey or delivery process.

Verified Members Only

A network of respectable and secure client

Exceptional Customers Supports

Customer Obsession is a core value in the company

Monetize your traveling! as a traveler or as a intercity private car driver.

Trafull’s aim is to simply make traveling and package-sending easier by helping travelers, drivers and package-senders carry out their tasks faster, cheaper and coordinately. Hopefully while travelling they get to make some lifelong relationships along the way.

Your time is valuable

Lost time is never found again, why waste courier services when there are verified people that can deliver your stuffs ASAP because time is also important for them..

You spend less and save more

"A penny saved is a penny earned”. Everyone wants the maximum out of every kobo we spend, Trafull is a better way to SPEND LESS AND SAVE MORE

You deal with verified persons

Connection grade and Authorization are contributing in the best possible way of security. Verification of government I.D provides extra pillar on specific security check.

Your packages are insured

We offer insurance on every package deal completed on the Trafull platform. However, Terms & Conditions apply

You stress less

We help you get to your exact destination without the hassle of motor park stress, vehicle transfer by public drivers, queuing and wasting time around the bus station


With hundreds of journeys, you can easily find people nearby traveling through your route as we connect you to a speedy and easy ride.

Our value at trafull, we put you first

Earn additional by traveling Digital. Ride givers and travellers are earning cool.

Frequently asked questions?

Quick answers to questions you might have? Can’t find answers to what you are looking for contact our customer care.

What is Trafull?

Trafull is an intercity Peer-to-Peer Mobility, Carpooling and Package-Delivery platform that matches travelers with traveling car owners and connect package senders with a verified network of travelers on interstate/intercity journeys at an affordable price yet giving swift delivery (for the packages). Trafull’s aim is to simply make travelling easier and to help travelers travel faster, economically and coordinately.

How do I bargain price?

Prices are not to be bargained on the platform. A driver or package sender will set a convenient price and a traveler can pick it if he so wishes. Therefore, it is a win-win for both the driver and traveler vis-à-vis the package sender and the traveler

How can I earn money on Trafull without owning/driving a car?

Every time you’re traveling (without your own car), you can earn money on Trafull, you can post your travel plan as a traveler and indicate your willingness to carry parcels/packages for package-senders, and Trafull will connect you with senders to pick up packages for intercity package-senders and earn money after delivery of such packages.


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